The Zebra mussel is an invader of Highland Lakes fresh surface water that has the potential to pose a serious threat to agricultural and non-agricultural irrigation systems. The main impacts associated with Zebra mussel colonization of irrigation systems include increased electro-corrosion of steel and cast iron pipe and fittings; loss of intake head; obstruction of valves, pipe, sprinklers and irrigation components. Zebra mussels colonize in various parts of the irrigation system including water intakes, turbines, pump end screens, box screens, wet wells, strainers, and surfaces of pipes thus diminishing the flow rate through these components. Unless preventive measures are taken, these infestations can lead to costly repairs. Water intakes and pipe networks are ideal mussel habitats. The continuous flow of water into intakes and throughout the piping system provides the mussels with a continuous source of food and oxygen, while the structures themselves protect the mussels. When mature Zebra mussels die, they detach and are carried downstream where they can end up trapped at the base of a sprinkler head. Both alive and dead, the Zebra mussel can wreak havoc on an irrigation system, so various control measures must be taken.

At BGreen Irrigation, we can help control Zebra mussels for your irrigation system by using copper netting over the foot valve and installing chlorinator on the main line to kill larva inside the sprinkler lines. Our company does it all!